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Back at CES in Las Vegas, we noticed that tech journalists were overwhelmingly carrying 7 inch Android tablets. They raved about the 7-inch form factor being the perfect blend of pocketability–importantly, it fits a jacket pocket or a medium-sized handbag–and usability, with all of the features and applications of Android on a screen that’s large enough for easy typing and reading. Just one problem: all the 7-inch Android tablets on the market at the time were either very expensive, or of wanting quality.

Enter the Enspert E201U
The Enspert E201 from Korea features high-quality manufacturing and elegant design. The metallic chassis feels good to touch, the glass capacitive touchscreen looks great, and the design cleverly places ports out of view. This tablet is an ideal device for cafe netsurfing, watching media while you travel, playing your favorite games, and even videoconferencing.

There are many android tablets on the market, but you want a fast user-experience. The E201 runs on the same 1 GHz Samsung Hummingbird CPU (ARM Cortex-A8) found in much pricier competitors. From productivity to media, Angry Birds to Facebook, the E201 breezes. It also does true and fast multitasking.

Google Mobile Services (GMS)
Unlike most devices in its price-range, the E201 is GMS-certified. This means you can run the native Gmail app, and you can shop in the Android market the way you’re accustomed to doing on your Android mobile phone.

Multimedia Capable
The integrated 800×480 display makes the E201 a good option for media playback or ebooks. And, the E201 has integrated HDMI out for playing your media anywhere.

Connectivity and Expansion
Integrated wifi gives you easy connectivity. (Starbucks in the US now has free wifi!) With Bluetooth 2.1, you can even tether your data capable phone for net access anywhere (mobile data charges may apply depending on your plan). [Note that at this time, there is no 3G-integrated version.] A full size SD slot that supports up to 32GB SDHC lets you transfer photos from your digital camera to view on the larger screen, or just load your PC’s media library with ease.

When purchased from Dynamism, the ENSPERT Smart Pad E201 includes unlimited Dynamism toll-free tech phone and email support, and one-year manufacturer warranty.


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